Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Haiti Day 2// 7-14-15

Today was water truck day and we visited the Haitian Initiative. We all woke up and had breakfast, and left around 9am. First, we went to the Haitian Initiative, and we played around with the kids there. The Haitian Initiative is a program where kids get trained to play soccer, and get fed after practice. The boys ran around, and the girls played hand games. After visiting Haitian Initiative we walked around the corner of the street to start working at the water truck. The first thing that we noticed was the huge line of people, all waiting in the line with buckets. Some of us helped fill up the buckets while others of us helped carry buckets and play with the children. After the truck ran out of water we went to the refill station. While the truck was being filled some kids came up to the top-top and we talked to them. Before we knew it we were playing games with them. The next stop was City Soleil. As the top-top arrived in City Solei
l kids were running up and clinging on to it. As we tried to get off the top-top there were a sea of kids surrounding the back. Right when we stepped on the ground kids were clinging to us. Right away we noticed that there was trash everywhere. We played with the kids and then we went to Hope Church that they are currently building. It was hard to say goodbye. After we got back from the water truck, we had some relaxing time and went swimming. Once we were done with relaxing, we came inside, ate supper and went outside to the porch for devotions.

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