Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Today the group split up, one went to the home of sick and dying babies and the other group went to Christian light house.
We went to the home where we got to hold babies who were sick. We started with picking up a baby and holding it, we would bring them outside where there was a small play area and chairs in the shade. We soon realized that most of the babies were smaller than their actual age. When you picked them up you could tell how small and fragile they were. After holding them for a little while we would go and hold another baby. It was hard to put down the baby because as soon as you put them in their crib they would start crying again. We would give the children a drink and they would down it in one go. One of the little babies we got to hold was a year and 2 months but she was the size of a newborn. Towards the end we got to help feed the babies. It was scary to feed them as the food was hot so we didn't want to hurt the babies. One threw up on Dana but it was all ok!!! It was a go with the flow kind of day and later on we got to go to the Haiti museum. It was an educational experience about slavery, power/ leaders in Haiti. We got to see many artifacts including an anchor from the Santa Maria and a piece of the moon. Jessica, Eric, Philip, and Maren were able to go to the wound clinic instead of the museum.
Maren ""At the wounded clinic our job was to redress the wounds of patients most of which were from the earthquake in 2010. Many of these wounds were so severe you would most likely not see them in the United States. It was amazing to see how most of the people we helped had a very high pain tolerance and were just very thankful that we were there to help. It was a very empowering experience to help these people many without limbs continue on their days and lives as very happy and grateful people. It was an experience that I will never forget and one that was very impacting."" At the end of the evening the group from the Grace village orphanage came over for dinner and then we got to play with them. We love and miss you our lovely mothers, Pam and Rachel, and Ed and Tabitha and Ferny. Dana and Hannah

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